What is MS Word

    What is MS Word

    If you are an office job seeker and you want to work or job for any Company, Firm, Organization, Government, Private Office Administrative Parts Then What is MS Word this Question is very necessary to consider you. So we are going to be clear about The Topic Related Winword in this Class.

    MS_Word is an Application of MS Office Group, This Application is used for Creating Personal, Professional, Company’s, Firm, Organization related all types of documents.

    This Application has the most useful tools and commands which helps professional users to create Documents related to all work easily. This application has a neat and clean interface which gives the User a focus while working with Document Creation.

    About MS Word/Winword?

    MS Word’s full form is Microsoft Word. This is also called Winword.

    All Edition of Word/Winword

    After Long-duration No Any Application could replace MS_Word Performance ever. And this is because of their Development of Edition. MS_Word Developed by Microsoft By Bill Gates. And This Application by requirements of time developed year by year with hundreds of new tools and commands which makes users more power to create a professional document as well as the demand of time.

    MS Word/Winword Edition Below

    1. MS_Word 2021
    2. MS_Word 2019
    3. MS_Word 2016
    4. MS_Word 2013
    5. MS_Word 2010
    6. MS_Word 2007
    7. MS_Word 2003
    8. MS_Word 2002
    9. MS_Word 2000
    10. MS_Word 1997
    11. MS_Word 1995

    MS Word 2021

    This Edition Released on 5 October 2021 by Microsoft with Some New Features given Below. This is also 3rd release of MS_Word 2016.

    What is MS Word 2021 Edition
    • Full Dark Mode Support
    • New Dynamic Looks
    • Draw Menu Updation
    • Replay your Ink Draw
    • Linked Table Relink, Refresh and Remove
    • Improved Line Focus and Comprehension
    • Color Picker
    • Better Comments Colaboration

    MS Word 2019

    This Edition Released on 24 September 2018 by Microsoft with Some New Features given Below. This is also 2nd release of 2016.

    • Inking Feature
    • Latex Support
    • New Interface
    • Improved Perfoamance
    • Translator Built in
    • Customizable Vector Graphic
    What is MS Word 2019 Edition

    MS Word 2016

    This Edition Released on 22 September 2015 by Microsoft with Some New Features given Below. This is also 1st release of 2016.

    • Redesigned and Optimized Ribbon
    • Researcher and Insights
    • Quick Parts
    • Sharing and Collaboration
    • Themes and Styles
    • AutoCorrect
    • Format Painter
    • Find and Replace 2.0
    What is MS Word 2016 Edition

    MS Word 2013

    This Edition Released on 29 January 2013 by Microsoft with Some New Features given Below. 2013 includes extended file format support, user interface updates, and support among its new features.

    • New Design Menu
    • Alignment Guides
    • Read mode Improved
    • Discoverable layout options
    • Enhanced collaboration
    • Open and edit PDF
    • Table border Tools
    • Collapse and expand a document
    • Present document online
    What is MS Word 2013 Edition

    MS Word 2010

    This Edition Released on 15 April 2010 by Microsoft with Some New Features given Below. 2010 introduces user interface enhancements including a Backstage view that consolidates document management Work into a single location Feature.

    • Alternative text on tables
    • Check box content control
    • New numbering formats
    • Text with OpenType features
    • Format text and images together
    • Store documents on the Web server
    • Windows Phone 7 Supported
    What is MS Word 2010 Edition

    MS Word 2007

    This Edition Released on 30 November 2006 by Microsoft with Some New Features given Below. 2007 introduced a new graphical user interface, Office Open XML file formats as the default file formats, reduce the size of documents, and enable a new recovery Feature.

    • The Ribbon system
    • Quick Styles
    • Themes
    • Live Preview
    • Powerful graphics tools
    • Pictures
    • Clip art
    • Shapes
    • SmartArt
    • Charts
    What is MS Word 2007 Edition

    MS Word 2003

    This Edition Released on 21 October 2003 by Microsoft with Some New Features given Below. 2003 includes information CopyRight management, collaboration feature, improved support for SharePoint, smart tags, and XML, and extended use of Office Online services Feature.

    • Support for XML documents
    • Document Workspaces
    • Improved readability
    • Support for ink devices
    • Improved document protection
    • Compare documents side by side
    What is MS Word 2003 Edition

    MS Word 2002

    This Edition Released on 31 May 2001 by Microsoft with Some New Features given Below. Word_XP or 2002 include smart tags, selection-based search, a task pane interface that consolidates popular menu bar commands on the right side of the screen to facilitate quick access Feature.

    What is MS Word 2002 Edition

    MS Word 2000

    This Edition Released on 7 June 1999 by Microsoft with Some New Features given Below. 2000 includes HTML document creation and publishing, Internet collaboration features such as integration with NetMeeting, roaming user profile support Feature.

    What is MS Word 2000 Edition

    MS Word 1997

    This Edition Released on 19 November 1996 by Microsoft with Some New Features given Below. 1997 introduced Command Bars, menus, and toolbars. It also featured natural language systems and grammar checking.

    What is MS Word 1997 Edition

    About MS Word 1995

    This Edition Released on 24 August 1995 by Microsoft with Some New Features given Below.

    What is MS Word 1995 Edition

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